The World of Should

It seems that many people, myself included sometimes, live in the world of “should” instead of the world of “is”.

“My boyfriend should just know (fill in the blank).”  How many times have we seen this?  The reality is that boyfriend can’t know what you don’t tell him, and you will simply continue to be frustrated and annoyed at his ignorance until you tell him what you are actually thinking…it’s called communication.  (This happens and works both ways)

“If the users can’t figure out how use my interface, they should read the directions”.  In reality, the only people who read user interface directions are the people that write them.  I need to learn to create them in a way that does not require reading directions, otherwise my would-be customers simply won’t use my product.

“You should just know me”  This one is really frustrating to deal with.  I’ve known at least two people in my life who thought that people should judge them not by how they acted, but by how they know they are on the inside…doesn’t work.   I can only know you by what’s on the outside.

The world of “should” is nice because you can make it whatever you want, but until you decide to live in the world of “is”, you will constantly be frustrated by that pesky thing called reality.

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