I don’t want a job

I don’t want a job, I want a mission.  A job is something you do because you get paid.  Personal investment is generally not required, and sometimes not even desired.  A job is a place you work AT, a means to an end.  A job is something I wouldn’t do if I wasn’t getting paid.  I don’t want a job.

I want a mission, a calling, a purpose.  A mission is something that I just CAN’T HELP but do.  Something that doesn’t even feel like work and that I would pay YOU to let me do it.  It is part of who I am, not just something I do.  It is synonymous with my identity.  With a mission, there is no line between work and play.

I believe I know my mission now.  I’ve spent my whole life working jobs, even jobs that should not be considered jobs.  But no more.  Money is not a concern, I must meet my calling.  A wealthy life doing something I hate is not worth it.  Better to be poor and complete than rich and hollow.

I have to wait a little while longer to be free of the time clock, but on that day, oh glorious day, I will finally be free.

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