Sunday Best

Saw a comment on a post about a new church plant.  It’s one of those new hip churches where it’s all flashy and cool and everyone can wear their street clothes to church.  The comment was something about being “old fashioned” and used to wearing your “best” to honor God in church.

This idea made me chuckle for moment because of a thought that crossed my mind.  What exactly do we think we are honoring by “dressing our best” for God?  If you really think about it, the time in history when mankind honored God the most was in the Garden of Eden – when they were naked!!

Ever since the fall, we wore clothes out of shame.  So, if you really think about it – the way to dress that probably honors God the most is to drop the lamb skins and stand before our heavenly Father just as He made us, warts and all.  It would be the greatest act of humility and a great way to embrace how God really does accept us as we are.  Anything else, from shorts and flip flops to three-piece suits, is just glorified lamb skin.

But I don’t see any churches adopting this policy anytime soon.  So, perhaps we shouldn’t care so much about what kind of shame rags we wear…


  1. Daniel,

    I love your fresh perspective and almost flippant point of view. I say “almost flippant” because, in the final analysis, your exactly right.

    Conversely, taking your thought to it’s furthest extreme will make folk God honoring, self-aware, humble nudist.

    I love it, keep it coming,


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