Have & Want

Do you want to know how it is possible to make less money but HAVE more?

The answer is in how you perceive what you have…

In America, we all know that we are the richest nation in the world, but none of us actually feel like we have that much…why is that?

It’s because you and I do not measure how much we have by the sum quantity of our possessions.  Instead, we measure how much we HAVE against how much we WANT.  If what I WANT is far greater than what I HAVE, then regardless of how much I actually possess I will FEEL like I don’t have much.  In contrast, if what I possess is very close to what I want, then I will feel like I HAVE enough or a lot.  So, in America, the best way to HAVE MORE is to WANT LESS.

So, one of the things that God does, at least he did for me, is that he helped me to WANT LESS so that I became truly happier with what I do have.

And if that sounds like a cheat to you, it kind of is – but does it matter?  Ultimately we are all looking for happiness by making the gap between what we have and what we want smaller.  Of course, we think the WANT is fixed and the only way to shrink the gap is to get more stuff.  But again, God’s ways are not our ways, and His solution is not for us to strive and strive to have more and more – He instead actually changes us from the inside so that what I want becomes less and the gap between have and want gets smaller.

Both result in the same thing, but only one of these methods lasts.  Because as we all know, the WANT level is not fixed, it moves.  But it doesn’t move down – it always moves up.  It moves up in proportion to how much we already have so that by striving and pushing you are aiming for a moving target that you will never hit.  But with God, he brings the want level and the happiness it brings to where you already are.  It’s called contentment.

I know it sounds crazy – but it really does work.

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