Unanswered Questions

I’ve recently started my studies for a Master’s Degree in Divinity at Regent University.  In just the few short weeks I’ve been going, I’ve been exposed to more authors and history regarding the study of scripture and theology than ever before.  It has lead me to a conclusion:

There are simply many unanswered questions.

I agree that the Bible is “sufficient, necessary, clear, and authoritative” – but I also agree that it isn’t black and white on all questions that we can pose.  This is where the different denominations come from – over disagreements about the meanings of uncertain specifics from scripture – such as should baptism be full immersion or a sprinkle and can it be done to a baby or have to be performed on a consenting adult or youth?

The answer is….we don’t know for absolute certain.

Of course, each camp claims that they do know and they can prove it with various scriptures and greek and hebrew texts and such, but it still ultimately comes down to the fact that the scripture does not spell it out in so many terms – so we are left to infer, pick a side that resonates, and then believe.

And my thought is…

Is that really such a bad thing?

What if everything WAS black and white with no room for debate at all?  I’d imagine it would get pretty boring and there would be less reason to actually study and talk about all the finer points.  If it was so clear that it was impossible to disagree – we’d probably stop talking about it.  Because we all know that it can get really old just sitting around and agreeing about everything all the time.

Perhaps God, in His infinite wisdom, left some ambiguity in the less crucial matters so that we would spend the time digging so as to come to an answer for ourself.  Even if different people can read the same text and come to different conclusions, at least it keeps it interesting!

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