A Day in the Life…

Recently, since stepping down from my full time job, I have been spending a lot more time at home. My wife and I both still have things to do other than play with the kids, so we have decided to take turns being the “home parent” while the other gets to work on their stuff. For me, it’s school, programming, and meeting with people. For her, it’s mostly working on her nursing tutoring website for now. While one of us works in our office/pantry, the other manages the kids and effectively behaves as the stay-at-home parent.

Up until recently, this was Nicole’s full-time responsibility while I worked away from home. So, this is all a bit new for me. Of course, I’ve taken care of the kids and cooked and stuff before…but not like this. I must admit I’ve found, again, a new level of respect for my wife and for all parents who stay at home full time.

The other day, in particular, I was quite amazed at just how long I had to spend in the kitchen…for JUST ONE MEAL!! It was literally hours! And I didn’t even have to do all the work because Nicole had prepped a lot of it already and had laid out specific instructions and Tupperware with notes on them. And all that work and the back pain to go with it was consumed in a single meal with just a few leftovers – meaning it all has to be done again tomorrow…

I can see why people like to eat out a lot.

Other than that, there are also some awesome benefits. I’ve spent a lot more time with my kids lately and have really gotten to know them on a whole different level.

So, I’d have to say that anyone who does this all the time is either a stalwart of patience and endurance, or they don’t cook EVERYTHING from scratch like Nicole does…because this would have been WAY easier if we had just ordered a pizza!


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